In terms of custom jobs, we love when we can exercise our goldsmiths’ creativity and skill. For the featured piece, we put together a unique, hand carved design that played with curves and lines. It inspires a seashell-like image, which gives it an overall vintage feel that’s perfect for all occasions.

When we say hand carved, we mean the ring was first formed in wax. The wax is a more pliable material that allows our goldsmiths to get fine details into their work. Once the wax product has been made, it’s used to make a mold. The wax melts away during this step, hence the name lost wax-process, and leaves a cavity of space that we’ll fill with the desired metal. Once that’s done, we have the frame of our jewelry, and we begin to insert the gems.

Here’s a glimpse of its gorgeous side profile, which shows off the side diamonds.

And another view of it in different lighting. The curved design lets the metal really play around with the light, which shows off the shine and the gorgeous diamonds.

The diamonds in this piece were all remounted from different jewelry, and the gorgeous center diamond is a 2.5ct Marquise. This classic diamond cut blends beautifully with the design we created based on the customer’s vision, and we were so excited to show them the final product.

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your old jewelry or having some gems remounted into a new piece, our goldsmiths are always up for the job. Give us a call to set up an appointment or to ask any further questions on our custom work process. View all of our custom services on our page.