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We have collected some beautiful estate pieces over the years!

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Many beautiful pieces have come across our shop.


Much like how you choose to work with Johnson Jewelers for the level of service you get, we choose our diamond vendors based on relationships and trust. We carefully select our diamond suppliers based on if they can uphold our own standards of quality and superior customer service.

We take our time in explaining every single diamond to our customers. When you walk out with a diamond, you will know why it sparkles and why its perfect for you. We have many diamonds on hand to show you, but also have the ability to order any size, shape, clarity and color you could want. Every customer has different requirements, so we want to understand exactly what you are looking for in order to get you the best diamond.

We’re honored to have been selected as the WINNER for the Best of Woodbury 2023 – Best Jeweler!

For the past 47 years, it has been our great pleasure to provide a vast range of jewelry and jewelry services to our amazing customers. Your loyalty means the world to us, and it is because of you that we love what we do! We humbly thank all those who took the time to cast a vote in our favor, and we look forward to many more years being your trusted neighborhood jeweler.


A tinkerer looks at something and sees an opportunity to make it even more beautiful.

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