What is one of the best things about ordering a custom piece from our store? We listen to you and work with you to create perfect jewelry you’ll love to wear. We want you to both love your new custom piece and be able to wear regularly. We strive to find a happy medium between your desire and wearable design. In most cases, jewelry making is flexible enough to accommodate all of your ideas.

In this case, a customer came to us with a plan for her anniversary with the diamond pictured above. The diamond was in an imperfect state with many natural inclusions she appreciated. She requested a ring made with 14k rose gold that focused on an organic, rough design. When wearing it, the design would be a reminder of how beautiful imperfections can be.

So, you can see why we were so excited to start this unique, sentimental project! We collaborated to create the perfect design for her requests, and then started putting it together.

Starting off with these two base pieces of rose gold, our goldsmiths created design that perfectly complimented the perfectly imperfect diamond.

The customer was thrilled with the finished product. Let us help your dream become a reality! We can remodel a piece that doesn’t fit your style or take loose gemstones and help you make your vision reality.  Contact us today for an initial consultation.