Jewelry pieces for anniversaries or to represent children are a wonderful way to carry your family with you. In this case, the above ring featured 3 stones: a center diamond for a marriage anniversary and a pink and blue diamond for the couple’s son and daughter. The customer let us know some styles she liked, and we ended up designing this stunning band of many rings coming together into one. It gave it a unique appearance but still allowed us to securely attach prongs for the stones.

See the design from the side in the photo below. This shows how the rings all join together in the back to create a sturdy design that will feel comfortable to wear.

After creating a 3D model and getting it approved by the client, we began creating the piece through the lost-wax process. Our goldsmiths used 14k white gold for the band, and the center diamond is 1.5ct. The two other stones are color enhanced diamonds. Altogether, it creates a meaningful and stylish piece that the customer can wear with pride.

The design also allows the versatility of choosing which way to wear it. The customer can choose to either have the color diamonds above or below the center diamond, and it’s perfectly balanced either way. We’re so glad she loved this custom ring!

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