Too often, when people are looking for jewelry, they have a certain design or gemstone in mind that perfectly fits a sentiment or accessory need. Too often, they have to settle on something that’s close enough, and they don’t have to. Especially when you have a loose gemstone and semi-mount options aren’t cutting it. Instead, you should look for a jeweler that offers custom work—even better if they have an in-house goldsmith so you don’t have to worry about jewelry in transit. This customer came to us with two stones: a synthetic ruby from her grandmother’s ring and an Ethiopian opal that her husband bought for her. She wanted to use them in a ring, so she came in to discuss that request.

When we’re starting from scratch with design, we like to have our experts talk about the realities of wearable jewelry and bringing your dream piece to life. Most of the time, we can find a way to ensure the design you want is durable, secures the stones, and it’s comfortable to wear. Once we’ve hashed out those important details, we often go to our CAD/CAM software to create a digital version of the jewelry. With the customer’s help, we finalized the piece and then got to work bringing it from 2D to life.

All of the small details like the delicate designs on the prongs are also added in the software, so we can really plan it out to the smallest details. In the end, the customer was happy to have a custom piece that had lots of sentimental meaning, and it matched her style exactly!

We have been proudly helping customer’s dream jewelry come to life for 45 years. If you’re looking for a trusted, local jeweler that can help your redesign, repair, or new creation, try Johnson Jewelers. Stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom to start planning with our jewelry experts.