One of the special things about visiting our showroom is that we can offer a wide variety of options: jewelry in stock that you can buy that day, pieces we can order, semi-mount rings that let you have some customization, and completely custom pieces. In this case, a customer came in and loved a ring in our case, but they wanted the design to be a little different and in white gold. It was also a celebration gift for her 25th anniversary, so we discussed creating a custom piece inspired by the ring she liked but was truly made for her.

First, we had a consultation to get more info on the exact details she wanted to add, and then we created a mock-up to show what the ring would eventually look like. Once that was approved, we got to work creating the ring from scratch.

They customer wanted to keep the basic east-west and marquise design of the original ring, then make a few changes. First, we got some 14k white gold ready to go for the base. We added some additional prong work on the marquise center diamond to make sure it was secure, and we also added some larger side diamonds. When worn, it would look like there are diamonds all across her finger.

The final piece was a beautiful, unique ring that really celebrates such a special occasion! The east-west setting especially is a classic one that orients the center stone horizontally on the band. They look best with ovals, marquise, and emerald cut center stones, so it gives a fresh outlook to the popular ring styles.

The customer loved her ring, and we always have fun creating unique, custom pieces! Stop by our showroom to see what catches your eye, or start planning a custom piece to bring the jewelry of your dreams to life.