While our custom jobs most commonly feature women’s jewelry, that’s not all we work on. No matter who wears it, all jewelry will need some repair, sizing, shaping, or remodeling at some point—especially when it’s a wedding band, which represents a marriage’s everlasting love. Just like soon-to-be-fiancés who will come to us for a custom engagement ring, this feature is for a custom men’s wedding band. The new ring was remodeled from the bride’s grandfather’s ring.

Before starting, we worked with the customer to specify the logistics of the new piece. As you can see in the above picture, the new ring would be wider than the original to create a more masculine design. Our goldsmith carved the wax model, showed how it compared to the original, and had it approved.

Using the gold from the grandfather’s ring and some additional gold, we ended up with the stunning band pictured below.

The new ring also included a different finish than the original. Instead of a high polish, our goldsmith carefully applied a satin finish by hand. Fun Fact: while it might look “rougher,” this finish is just as smooth as a high polish. The satin finish just gives the band a more earthy texture and unique appearance.

The customer was happy with the final piece, and we were so happy to be a part of their special story. We wish them the best in their marriage!

If you have some old jewelry that you’d like to refresh or would like it to be remade for a special occasion, we’d love to help you transform it. Our goldsmiths are in-house so they can be a part of the entire process: designing, creating, and finishing the new piece. Stop by our showroom in Woodbury, MN to get started.