Once in a while, our goldsmiths have the pleasure of creating something extra special: a piece of jewelry for their friends or family! In this case, it’s an engagement ring made for one of our goldsmith’s daughter’s engagement. The fiancé and his (soon-to-be) father-in-law designed the ring together and they came up with a unique, stunning piece.

The main feature of this ring: alexandrite. While diamonds are still the most popular choice for an engagement ring’s center gem, we find ones with colored gems particularly memorable—especially when it’s an alexandrite. A little background on this gemstone: both lab-created and genuine alexandrite have color changing properties in different lighting, which makes it a unique and rare feature in jewelry. The alexandrite in this engagement ring is a lab-created one, so we were able to see all of these colors.

Here’s a great graphic to show how this gem changes colors.

We even recreated the candlelight example with an incandescent flashlight! In the two pictures below, you can clearly see how the alexandrite changes. In the first picture, the gem is distinctly pink; in the second picture, it shows off more purples and greens.

To hold the gem, our goldsmith hand carved this custom design and cast it in platinum. It features a bypass mounting to really showcase the gem at every angle and fit comfortably on the finger.

While this ring was a highly personal job for us, we enjoy every chance we get to create custom pieces for our customers. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or update an outdated piece, our goldsmiths can create the perfect jewelry for your collection. Stop by Johnson Jewelers in Woodbury, MN to browse our in-store pieces or learn more about custom jobs.