When you want to show more personality in your style, accessories are a great place to start. Unlike clothes, fine jewelry will last a lifetime and beyond, so you can even leave behind a gorgeous legacy. We love custom work for that reason, and we always have some loose gemstones on hand for those looking to begin a custom project. To show off some of our collection, we wanted to feature these selections:

Watermelon Tourmaline

Pictured above is a watermelon tourmaline. It has a red, white, and green color scheme—hence the “watermelon”! All of these tourmalines will be a little different in their color distribution, but we were drawn to the clean separation of these colors, making it a stunning gem to admire. Two- or three-toned gemstones are becoming a popular way to spice up your jewelry, so don’t be surprised if this catches your eye. Contact us to see if it’s still available.

Azurite Malachite

The above photo features a stunning azurite malachite. Note the sheen and the heavenly swirl of colors. Fun fact: azurite has been known as the “stone of heaven.” While the mixture of cool-toned blues and greens will differ with every different azurite malachite gem, we love the vibrant color and distinction between the blue and green in this piece. Contact us to see if it’s still available.

Opal Crystal

You might be more familiar with this type of gemstone—opal—featured in the above photo. Opals have become a popular, romantic gemstone sought after for their hidden colors and versatility. Spot all the different hues in this opal crystal. Stunning, right? These gemstones have a natural, iridescent glow often described as “pearly,” and will show off a rainbow of color when reflected in the light. Contact us to see if it’s still available.

We always have a selection of loose stones available for custom work, so stop by our Woodbury showroom to pick out the feature of your new gemstone piece!