Unfortunately, the time has come again to start layering up as we prepare for the freezing temps of a Minnesota winter. If you’ve been through lots of them like us, then it’s probably second nature by now to start the usual preparations. However, have you thought of adding your jewelry to the list? If not, we have a few pointers and things to remember about your accessorizing as the temps start to drop.

First, while we all love the durability of our metal jewelry, they’re unfortunately the most susceptible to freezing temps. If you’re one to avoid the cold at all costs, then its important you cover your accessories when exposed to the elements; gloves for rings, scarves for necklaces, and hats for earrings (but be careful not to snag gemstones on any of your nice knits!). Any of those metal pieces being exposed for long periods of time could harm the skin they’re touching or cause discomfort as their lower temps contrast your warmer body.

To those who wear rings and fear losing them: be extra careful in the winter. Soon, those perfectly fitted rings could become loose due to your fingers contracting in the cold. There’s no need to resize them each season, but you could use guards as a way to prevent them from slipping off. If you do think they’re precariously loose, however, we can handle the resizing.

So overall, don’t let the winter ruin your jewelry fun! Be sure to plan accordingly, and those chilly months will be over in no time.