We love custom work here at Johnson Jewelers, so we thought we’d show off a behind-the-scenes look at the process! The pendant above was designed to show off the customer’s diamond, and we think it does a stunning job.

To make the piece, our goldsmith first carved and shaped a model of it out of wax. Then, we submerge the wax model in plaster to start making our mold. How does the wax become “lost” during this stage? Firing it at a special temperature melts the wax out of the mold so it becomes a hollow cavity. Hence, the “lost-wax” part! With the hollow mold, we pour in the molten metal of choice to create the piece. Once cooled, it looks like this:

It’s very rough and dull-looking at this stage, but all it needs is a little love! After a lot of sanding and polishing, the pendant turns into the shiny gold you usually see on ready-to-buy jewelry.

Finishing touch: secure the bail and the diamond to the pendant. Viola! A stunning, custom piece made specially for you.

If you have an old piece you want redesigned or want to give a meaningful gift to that special someone, the holidays are the perfect time to do it! Custom work does take time to design and make, however, so you need to contact us this week to get the piece in time. Happy creating!