Jewelry doesn’t have to have an expiration date—when a design goes out of style, a part of a pair goes missing, or the metal starts to wear down, the piece can always be remodeled.

In this case, the featured piece was made from a ring that the customer had worn while traveling to almost all of the continents, so it had a lot of sentimental value. Amazingly, we were told it had even accompanied him on a climb of Mount Everest! However, all that traveling had taken its toll, and the ring was starting to wear down. Instead of letting it sit unused, the customer wanted to redesign and remodel it. To commemorate the adventures it had been on and new ones to come, this new ring featured a unique design of hippos.

In the photo above, you can see the hippo design on paper as a reference. One of our amazing goldsmiths, Kristen, melted down the original ring and hand-carved the new design. Creating a clear, cohesive look takes a steady hand and a lot of metalworking expertise. Additionally, designing freeform jewelry requires extensive knowledge in jewelry design so that the result will be a wearable, comfortable, and durable piece of jewelry.

Here is the ring from a few different angles so you can really see the details and the hard work that went into this piece.

The customer loved the final result, and we loved getting the chance to show off our redesigning and hand-carving skills. If you’ve been dreaming of a specific kind of jewelry, we’d be happy to have a meeting to see how it can be brought to life. Stop by our Woodbury location or contact us if you’d like to discuss a custom job; we also offer a variety of financing options.