‘Tis the season to start thinking about how you want to treat your loved ones or yourself to a special piece! The great thing about custom work is that you can create the perfect accessory for anyone. In this case, the featured jewelry was a customer’s retirement gift to herself, and that kind of achievement definitely deserves something special to celebrate!

To begin the project, we created a Cad/Cam design based on what we given for reuse by the customer, what she requested in the design, and what truly works for the piece. For example: we realized that the center gems might make the piece too heavy. To balance the weight, we added a euro shank—which is the squared bottom of the ring—so it wouldn’t tip quite as much when worn to make it more comfortable.

As you can see in the photo below, we reused gems and metal from a couple sets of earrings and a tanzanite pendant. Then, we organized them into accent, shoulder, and the center gems.

The final product was a stunning piece of artistry our goldsmiths are known for, and the customer loved how it looked and felt as a staple accessory for everyday wear.

We always have so much fun designing custom pieces and bringing them to life! If you’re thinking about a custom piece of jewelry for this Christmas, we recommend you contact us soon to set up an initial consultation where we can also talk about our financing plans. Our goldsmiths work as late into the season as they can, but there’s only so much we can do if orders completely fill up our schedule.

Come in for a visit at our Woodbury, MN location or give us a call this holiday season!