Sometimes, the perfect jewelry just needs a little bit of an update. Wear and tear can take a lot out of your jewelry over time, and ever-changing styles in jewelry design can affect how much you wear some of your pieces. This is why we find it so important to offer jewelry repair and redesign services—whether the services are needed due to damage or outdated style, we can handle your project.

We recently worked with a customer who had multiple rings that she was wearing as a large group. She wanted more cohesiveness since the ring’s styles didn’t match well. Additionally, she wanted more stability due to multiple rings missing prongs.

As a solution, our jewelry design experts used the customer’s needs and tastes to design a new ring that’s comfortable for everyday wear. Inlaid stones made it easier to maneuver, so the customer didn’t have to worry about prongs falling off or getting caught in fabric.

As an added bonus, all of the stones the customer loved could be included on one stunning piece. The different colors, sizes, and shapes of the gems made it a fun piece to design as a true one-of-a-kind job. Our goldsmiths carefully carved this ring from wax and positioned the inlaid stones. (See wax casting below.)

After casting and polishing the piece, we ended up with a beautifully unique ring that has a wonderful, organic feel! Its curved design made it comfortable to wear, and the inlaid stones gave it a smooth, cohesive look.

We had so much fun designing this piece and loved that it brought new life to jewelry that was already appreciated. Now it can be worn everyday with pride. If you have jewelry you love but can’t wear together because it clashes or has been damaged, stop by to see how we can turn your jewelry dilemma into a one-of-a-kind creation just for you.