Have you ever thought about the history behind jewelry making? People have been creating and designing jewelry for thousands of years—it’s just the methods and technology that have changed over time. Fast forward to now, in our modern age, and it’s quite common to mix digital advancements with hand work. This feature piece, for example, used a digital program to help envision the product, and then our goldsmith’s hands-on skills brought it to life.

The featured piece began with the customer’s inherited 3ct asscher cut diamond. Our designers created a custom ring design for the diamond through our Cad/Cam program, so the client was able to really envision the final piece. It features beautiful accent diamonds on the shoulders, gallery rail, and bridge. Here are the two examples of what that looks like:

Once the design was approved, our goldsmiths got to work on bringing it to life. The ring was made with 14 karat white gold, and larger accent diamonds were inlaid on the shoulders. Here is another look at the finished product:

We love custom work because it gives new life to jewelry and gemstones that might have been set aside otherwise due to its state or style. Whether you come to us with a redesign or a gemstone in need of a frame, our in-house goldsmiths are ready to take on your jewelry projects. Contact us or stop by the store to learn more.