If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect jewelry, then we have the perfect solution: custom work. Custom pieces save yourself the hassle of trying to find a piece you’ve envisioned only to have to settle on something similar. Instead, you can literally bring the perfect piece to life.

When you come in to start a custom job, we can either start from scratch or with an existing jewelry piece. For example, if you buy jewelry that’s close to what you want, but it needs a few more adjustments, we can remodel it. There are times when design changes need to be made by our expert goldsmiths to ensure the jewelry is comfortable to wear and durable, but we always try our best to bring your dreams to life. For this feature piece, the customer had a friend who always wanted an emerald ring, and they came to us to create it.

After discussing the intended wearer’s style and preferences, our goldsmiths drew out this gorgeous ring. The design was approved, and we got to work on creating the perfect emerald ring.

Here is a closer look at the gorgeous center emerald. When you have an idea that evolves a specific gem, there are a couple of options to consider: bring in your own gem, browse our in-store collection, or order it.

The final ring featured three rows on the shoulder and a beautiful halo around the center gem, all lined with small diamonds. The client loved the final piece, and it was exactly what their friend had been looking for.

If you’re interested in designed a custom piece or remodeling an outdated one, stop by our Woodbury, MN location to start the process.