One of the things we love about jewelry: it never goes out of style thanks to goldsmiths. Redesigning pieces allows that heirloom ring, for example, that might be too bulky to wear every day to be transformed. Instead, it can be turned into a slimmer version that might even allow a whole new piece as well. Then you can still carry those memories and family tradition in a way the honors it and fits to the times.

In this feature, we took a family watch and turned it into a bracelet. The customer wanted to keep most of the watch’s design but take out the watch components to turn it into a piece that matched her style more.

Our goldsmith first took apart the piece to isolate the it into parts and switch out the watch components to become a bracelet instead. Instead of a watch face, we replaced that area with prongs and added in extra diamonds to fill in the section. The band was also replaced so it looks less like a linked watch and matched the style the customer wanted.

After securing all the new diamonds, the bracelet’s face now looked like this! It’s hard to tell that it was once a watch, but the customer could see how the original design was merged into the new piece, so it still held meaning for her.

We were so happy to help this customer give new life to her family heirloom. If you have a piece of jewelry that has an outdated design that just needs a few upgrades to be more wearable, our goldsmiths would be happy to help re-design and create that piece. Stop by our showroom in Woodbury, MN to let Johnson Jewelers create the perfect piece of jewelry for you.