While the holidays are an excellent time to gift yourself or someone special with a timeless piece of jewelry, there’s also a lot of other special occasions to celebrate throughout the year. In this case, the featured custom job was created for an anniversary.

As with all of our custom pieces, we first had the customer come in to talk design and what they wanted out of the piece. The ring was designed initially as a Cad/Cam model, shown below, and then brought to life by our talented goldsmiths. It was made with 14K white gold, pearls, and a stunning center sapphire.

It went from


Amazing, right? The customers loved the final product, and we always love creating a piece that celebrates such a wonderful representation of love!

Another fun fact about anniversaries and jewelry: there are certain gems/metals that represent years of an anniversary. Similar to flowers, gems have a language to them, and one of them is to celebrate wedding anniversaries. Below is a handy infographic from The Spruce so you can see exactly which years represent which gem. Or, sometimes an anniversary piece does not follow the chart, but uses heirloom jewelry instead as inspiration for a new accessory. We are experts at designing a piece based on new and old traditions, so the custom jewelry honors both in one finished work.

Once you have the gem(s) and metal picked out, whether you follow the infographic or not, then you are free to design however you want. We can create whatever suits your taste whether that’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings, etc.!

Have you ever gotten an anniversary jewelry piece with a gemstone for the year? Do you want one for a special anniversary celebration? Tell us more on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!