While we love getting the chance to bring an original idea to life, we also look forward to the challenge of completely transforming an already existing piece! For this feature blog, we’re discussing how we took elements from a men’s ring and created a new piece that better suited the wearer: a woman. In general, a woman’s ring will use a slimmer and sleek design. The photo below shows the original men’s ring, which had a wide band suited to the wearer. The customer liked the diamond clusters on it, so we designed a ring that would feature them on a new band.

After discussing the new design with the customer, one of our goldsmiths got to work on carving a new band. He used a woven design to look like two bands turning into one, which would properly support the diamond cluster while matching the customer’s style.

By using the lost wax process, we created a mold for the yellow gold that would become the band and then got to work on polishing it up. Once the band was ready, it was time to join the two pieces together! We were so pleased with how the band and shank perfectly fit the existing face.

The band ended up supporting that cluster of diamonds very well, and it also felt balanced to the wearer. Plus, it looked like a completely different ring and not an imitation of the original. The new band gave it a feminine style the customer was happy with, and we were honored to be able to make it for her.

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