This year, we’ll be celebrating an amazing 46 years in business, which means we’ve gotten to know the community and some lifelong customers! For this feature, we actually added on to a piece we had created for a customer years ago. They requested a yellow gold ring featuring that beautiful turquoise gemstone, and a custom design for the prong securing it. The customer loved it, and then they came back to add even more unique additions to it.

Going for a more “scary” look, we discussed the customer’s wishes for the ring additions and then sketched out what would work with the current design. Eventually, we got to this really cool, spooky design and got to work making it come true.

custom ring with spiderweb

First, we created all of the new pieces that would be added to the ring—the web was a handmade piece we’re especially proud of. The snake, spiders, and leaves were also prepped, and then we started to add them to the existing prongs.

custom ring with snake detail

It’s important that every piece we create is wearable and comfortable, so we made sure the new add-ons wouldn’t mess with the weight of the ring too much. Luckily, it already had a wide band to accommodate the large turquoise.

Once all the pieces were properly secured, we cleaned and buffed everything so it looked like new. The customer was so excited for their unique, remodeled ring, and we had fun putting together such a cool piece!

Whether you’re looking to remodel some jewelry you already have or start from scratch, our in-house goldsmiths are excited to help your dreams come true. Stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom to ask about our custom services and see what else we’ve got on display!