One of the best perks to having goldsmiths in-store: customers can truly get everything they want. For this feature, we had a customer purchase a ruby ring from our stock and then request two bands to be made to create a set. The bands would feature diamonds from her mother’s ring, which would make it a wonderful combination of old and new.

When planning custom pieces with customers, we love to use CAD/CAM images to help them really imagine what the piece will be like in real life. As you can see below, we rendered an example of what the two bands would look like framing a center ring. While it was made with the ruby ring in mind, they could also be used to frame other jewelry as well if the customer wanted to switch it up.

The images can get so specific that we also created an example of what the shoulders would look like. Whatever angle the customer wanted, we could create it in this amazing program.

Once the customer was satisfied with the CAD/CAM images, our goldsmith got to work on making them. An in-progress shot was even taken to make sure the bands all lined up before we began to place the diamonds. We are proud of our high-quality work, so we want to make sure it lined up with what the customer wanted and what was shown on the program.

Once we finalized the metal frame, we could start placing the diamonds. We had safely kept the customer’s mother’s ring stored and began transferring those diamonds to the bands. The end result was a stunning example of how custom work can enhance what you’ve already got and really make your jewelry one of a kind.

There’s no better time to make your wishes come true than the holiday season! If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, stop in to check out our displays or discuss whether or not we’ll have time to complete a custom order before Christmas. Our showroom is located in Woodbury, MN and features modern and vintage fine jewelry pieces.