We all love to accessorize, but sometimes it’s easier to have a couple staples you can wear every day. Even better—you can create one perfect piece of jewelry from those others with the help of a goldsmith! For this feature job, we combined diamonds and metal from many different pieces into one stunning ring. Aka, the perfect way to keep lots of sentimental jewelry and gemstones in one unique piece.

Using a CAD/CAM program, we built a digital model of the ring so the customer could see how the finished project would look. We love using this tool because it really helps us show off our design skills!

cad/cam render of custom ring wax model and metal frame of custom ring

Once the render was approved, we got to work on creating the ring. A wax model was made to start—pictured above—and that was turned into a metal frame through the lost wax process. We take a wax model, submerge it in plaster to create a mold, and heat it up to a temperature that melts the wax out of the mold. Then, the hollow mold is ready to be filled with molten metal to create the piece. It’s cleaned up and evaluated by our goldsmiths until it’s ready for the gems.

metal frame of ring and gemstones about to be added

There was also one last sentimental part to add to this piece: gold accents taken from the customer’s wedding band. Note the yellow gold below and how nicely it contrasts the white gold!

Next, our goldsmith got to work on securing all of those gorgeous gemstones. The center is a 2ct marquise, and the other gems surrounding it were also family diamonds gathered specifically for this ring. It became a special, stunning piece for our customer, and they loved it!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have some jewelry you want to update into a more wearable piece, our in-house goldsmiths can turn your dream into reality. Stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom to get started. Johnson Jewelers of Woodbury has been a trusted, local jeweler in the Twin Cities since 1976.