We love when the stars align, and we get to create a meaningful custom piece. This feature piece was ordered by the customer for her husband and used materials from a ring that used to be her father-in-law’s. To make it even more special, the customer requested the design include two constellations that had great meaning to the husband and his father. With those directions in mind, we created a design that would re-use the materials and include the special additions.

Once the design was approved, our goldsmith got to work carving the ring in a wax mold. He meticulously detailed the constellations to fit the shoulders so the lines were clean. One of the sides can be seen above, and here’s the other one:

Hand carving takes skill and a steady hand, and our goldsmith did a wonderful job tackling this custom job. Next, the wax ring got made into a mold through the lost-wax process. Once we’ve got the mold, the wax is melted and drained away so we can pour the metal—14kt yellow gold in this case—in there to form the ring.

Additionally, we prepared the tiger’s eye gemstone to bring out its natural beauty. Once the ring has been polished and prepared as well, we set the gem to finish the piece!

Jewelry can be a lasting, memorable way to keep those you love close, and we’re always honored when our customers trust us to remodel their pieces. If you’re interested in ordering a custom piece of jewelry, stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom to start the process. Johnson Jewelers has been a local jeweler for the Twin Cities since 1976.