There’s something magical about combining new and old into a one-of-a-kind piece! The nostalgic elements can remind you of good memories but also give you the opportunity to make lots of new ones too. For example, we have a lot of customers who come to us with heirloom jewelry. The piece may be damaged from time, out of style, or not suitable for the new wearer. It doesn’t do jewelry any good to be stored away. Wear it with pride once it’s been newly designed like this marquise ring! 

For this custom piece, the customer wanted to use their original diamond, a beautiful marquise cut, as the center stone. They also requested some color, so we sourced four sapphires to be used for the shoulders. After the design was approved, we got to work making the frame with 14kt white gold. The wider band gave the wearer more stability for comfort and allowed the unique details of those bezel-set sapphires!  

What exactly is a bezel setting?

It’s a style defined by when the gemstone is completely surrounded by a metal rim. It’s one of the oldest types of settings, and it has modernized over time. Instead of a bulky metal surrounding, they’re much slimmer and more streamlined today. It allows them to fit any kind of style whether that’s rustic or modern. Plus, a bezel setting does not protrude from the band like other prongs will. The stone stays secure, and it’s harder to catch it on fabric. 

Side view of custom marquise ring with sapphire accents

Those bezel-set sapphires went perfectly with the six-prong center diamond, and the customer loved the final piece. That’s the most important part!  

We’ll help you create something that’s uniquely yours. Our goldsmiths will take your style, budget, and wants into consideration as we design the perfect jewelry. Stop by our showroom in Woodbury, MN to get started!