There’s always a good reason for custom jewelry; whether you’re ordering it to treat yourself, to keep a tradition alive, or to create a new story, we love to bring your jewelry ideas to life! In this case, our customer had a three stone ring that she didn’t particularly like. She asked us to design a ring with some special symbolism and unique early appeal. We got to work on the design, had it approved, and then started to create the perfect piece!

First, we found the gemstones for the piece. The middle diamond was a side accent from the original ring, and the other two colored diamonds were picked to represent the birthstones of the customer and her husband.

Overall, the new design would give the ring a wider look, which would also be sturdier and more balanced. Plus, it would allow more room for the unique design that reminded us of vines. Our goldsmiths carefully mounted the diamonds on the vine design without distracting from that beautiful detail, so the gems could still be the stars of the show.

The center placement gives it a beautiful, cohesive look so that all of the elements are perfectly balanced into one piece. Our goldsmiths finished it off with a satin finish, and then it was ready for the customer to come pick it up. She loved the final product, and we got to be a part of this piece’s new story!

Whether you’re ordering a custom job for yourself or for someone special, we will do our best to design and create the perfect piece. We are currently still taking orders for Christmas, so give us a call soon to get one started. A custom jewelry piece is always welcome under the Christmas tree. Our showroom is located in Woodbury, MN, and our updated holiday hours are on our website and social media. We also have a collection of vintage and modern pieces to browse when you visit.