It’s time again to set our watches forward to prepare for longer days, and we’re so ready for the warmer weather that follows! To celebrate, we wanted to highlight our watch services. If you have a watch that you’d love to wear but can’t because it’s broken or the battery has died, then we’d love to help. No matter the type of watch, we have the expertise to handle it.

Along with repair, we can take care of a battery replacement. It’s easy to accidentally damage a watch while trying to open the battery compartment, so let us handle it. Most battery services are done while you wait, but some potentially require an overnight stay for observation and timing.

We hope to build a connection with our customers by being the premier place to buy a new watch or take their watch in need of repairs. Plus, before proceeding with a service, we will always give the customer a quote and explain the process.

If your watch isn’t working right, needs a battery change, or is damaged in any other way, bring it in to our experts located in Woodbury. Look forward to warm weather with a watch that works like new!