We’re so excited to showcase this project! We spent a lot of time designing and perfecting these 5 finished pieces, and they all used gems from the various jewelry the client supplied. Below is a better look at the pieces we were given to use in this big remodel: a large gold pendant, diamond bracelet, gold nugget pendant, and a marquis diamond pendant.

Here are all of the unique, stunning pieces that our goldsmiths created for this client.

First: This solitaire gold ring used a mine-cut diamond from the large gold pendant.

Second: This white gold ring has 5 diamonds overall; four were taken from the white gold bracelet and one from the large gold pendant. It was made to celebrate an anniversary.

Third: This floating gem necklace took a round, brilliant-cut diamond from the large gold pendant.

Fourth: This wide, sterling ring used the marquis diamond from the pendant and two diamonds from the gold nugget pendant. It has 14kt gold bezel accents for a beautiful mixed metal finish.

Fifth: This two-tone silver bracelet cuff used diamonds from the large gold pendant. It also features 14kt gold accents.

Our goldsmiths had a lot of fun creating this new collection of jewelry! If you have a lot of unused jewelry you want to refresh into new pieces, Johnson Jewelers has the expertise to get the whole project finished. Stop in our Woodbury, MN location to start planning your own custom collection.