Have you ever looked at the jewelry you haven’t worn in a while and wondered what to do with it? There’s always the option of selling it or giving it away to family, but those don’t have to be your only choices. With the right jewelry experts, you can have your old jewelry remodeled into something wearable and perfect for your current needs.

For this feature, we remodeled a gold band into something more contemporary and ideal for every-day wear.

The base of this ring was built from the customer’s wedding band. The original round diamonds were already being used for a separate custom piece, as you can see in the photo above, but there was one diamond left. Plus, the ring still had sentimental value to the customer, so she wanted us to remodel it into something more modern. Taking baguette diamonds from a different ring that was not salvageable, we began the redesign.

The rectangle baguettes shapes were a great foundation for a more contemporary design, so we sketched it out and had it approved by the customer. The end result was a stylish and versatile band that the customer could pair with her everyday outfits while still honoring its sentimental value as well!

Whether your jewelry is a hundred or ten years old, tastes and styles change. We can keep your jewelry up-to-date and looking fresh with a remodel done by our expert goldsmiths. Stop by our Woodbury location if you want to get started on a new project.