Some of our favorite projects are working with customers to redesign or refresh their vintage/heirloom items. Time can take a toll on old jewelry, but luckily experts like our goldsmiths can refurbish the piece so it looks brand new! Or, in some cases, a piece just needs a repair on the setting to ensure the gems stay in place. Other times, we get creative!

Our redesign services are ideal for those looking to modernize an outdated piece. Our feature piece, above, was a result of that service.

The customer came to us with a gemstone they had inherited. The mount could sadly not be worn or refurbished, so it required a complete redesign. Our goldsmiths had a lot of fun creating a new, contemporary setting to show off the emerald-cut genuine citrine. Our customer loved it! Here’s the piece from a couple different angles.

We’d love to help you refresh that old piece you never wear due to an outdated style or damage. Contact us to start planning!