The sky’s the limit when creating custom jewelry! One of the coolest parts of our job is getting the chance to repair, redesign, resize, and reset already existing jewelry. Other times, we get the amazing opportunity to create something completely new, like the ring above.

For this feature piece, we started the ring from scratch. Many of our custom jobs include remodeling a piece or reusing stones, but we love the opportunity to really create something new. The customer requested a sapphire for the ring, so we sourced many different options to make sure we found the perfect one. Once they arrived, we invited the customer in to view the assortment, and she picked out her favorite with some help and guidance for our expert staff. We all loved the light, cornflower blue of the sapphire chosen and were so excited to start putting it all together.

Before we officially start, we also have the design either drawn out or created in a 3D model for the customer to approve. We do our best to follow the customer’s requests, and if we do make changes because of durability and comfort reasons, its thoroughly explained.

The metal used for this ring was 14kt white gold, and the cool tone went perfectly with the blue sapphire. A halo of diamonds was added to create some extra sparkle and to really complement the center stone. The customer wanted it as a right hand ring to commemorate a special event, and the final result was exactly what she had envisioned!

Whether we’re reusing materials or sourcing new ones, our goldsmiths and jewelry experts are happy to help create the jewelry of your dreams. Stop by our showroom in Woodbury, MN to get started on your own special piece.