There’s nothing we love more than the endless possibilities of custom jewelry! Whether a customer is taking inspiration from modern or vintage trends, or just simply piecing together an idea based on all the styles they like, we love to help them envision the perfect piece for their tastes and budget. For this feature piece, our experts worked with the customer to create a unique, one-of-a-kind ring inspired by details they admired in other jewelry.

To start off, the customer loved the idea of a swoop on the side of the ring with some texture as well—in other words, diamonds and filigree. They also wanted an oval as the main gemstone, which is a very popular trend right now. After getting all those notes, we got to work mixing their requests together into a possible design. Eventually, we ended up with this.

cad/cam photo of center stone on oval diamond ring

cad/cam side photo of oval diamond ring

Our CAD/CAM render was exactly what the customer wanted, so our goldsmiths got to work creating the ring with all the preferred materials: white gold and diamonds. Another exciting part of custom work is finding the perfect gemstones for what the customer wants. Every gemstone is different, so it’s a fun process to find the right size, clarity, and cut—especially when it’s for the center stone, aka the feature of the piece.

side view of oval diamond ring

After finishing up at the store, we called in the customer to get a look at their ring. It was exactly like the render, but the final verdict is always how it fits and if it’s comfortable. It was a perfect fit, and the customer loved how it looked in person.

No matter the starting point of your custom jewelry request, we love being along for the journey as we bring your dream piece to life. If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself or someone special, stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom to get started.