Every day is an adventure when we help a customer find the perfect piece from our collection, but we also love having the chance to refresh, redesign, and repair all types of jewelry! Let’s go over all the ways that Johnson Jewelers is prepared to serve customers with our extensive services.

If you need…

Jewelry repair. We’ve taken many old or damaged pieces of jewelry and repaired them so they looked good as new.

Jewelry redesign. When jewelry is out-of-date or not to your taste, it can be made new by our goldsmiths. We will help you design the perfect jewelry for your style and budget.

Custom jewelry. If you dream it, we can make it. Our goldsmiths are experts in jewelry design, so we can help make sure it can be worn comfortably. Whether or not you bring us a gem or gold, we have materials on hand or we can order what you need.

Sizing, shaping, and setting. Sometimes jewelry needs small tweaks to make it more comfortable to wear. We often resize engagement rings and solder the ring and band together after the marriage has been made official. While our custom work can vary depending on the needs of the project, this service typically takes around 3 to 5 business days on average.

Watch Repair. We are proud to be one of the few local repair places that can work on a variety of watches. Whether it’s a new or antique watch, our expert can help.

Additionally, when you stop by our storeroom, our jewelry experts will be upfront on the costs of whatever services you need, and we also offer a variety of financing options.

We also have a new feature we’re so excited to share: online shopping! Interested customers can view the available jewelry through videos that show off their colors, how they move, and the gems’ beauty. You can check out our available pieces here. Our current process requires an inquiry through our contact form, but we will have a commerce store up soon to streamline the process. Stop by our Woodbury showroom to see how we can help with your fine jewelry needs.