Sometimes looking through catalogs or the stock at jewelry stores just doesn’t work out. When a customer has a special piece of jewelry in mind, compromising doesn’t feel right when there’s the option of custom jewelry. However, depending on where they’re looking, the jeweler might not be able to create a custom piece or the price is inflated because it has to be sent out to another store. Luckily, we have goldsmiths on staff, so we can always offer custom work when our current collection doesn’t hit the mark.

For this special feature, we had the pleasure of creating a unique engagement ring. The customer, hoping to propose with a specific ring in mind, put a lot of work into finding a unique design that fit his vision. Plus, he wanted to fit the ring with an inherited diamond to give it a special touch. He brought in this picture to our goldsmiths as an example.

From there, we used computer renderings to create a 3D model based on the design with some adjustments. Once we had the green light to go forward, we used the program to help us create a mold for the ring. The photo above shows a comparison of the mold versus the actual ring. The design also included four smaller diamonds that we ordered as an accent while the center gem used was the inherited diamond. Here’s the final product:

It fit his vision perfectly, and we were so happy to hear after that the ring was presented and accepted! Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement, and thank you for letting us create the ring that will symbolize your future happiness.

Whether you’re proposing or just treating yourself to a piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted, we’ve got the staff and expertise to bring your dream to life. Stop by our storeroom to start the process.