As we get older, it’s normal for our tastes and comfort level to change, which is why remodeling is such a great option for custom jewelry. Instead of selling an old accessory you don’t like anymore, you can instead use parts of it for a new piece. This feature project was for a customer who wanted an updated design and a wider look for their ring. For a lot of ring lovers, a wider band can be a lot more comfortable to wear because it distributes the weight better.

We started out by designing the ring in our CAD/CAM program so the customer could see exactly what the ring would look like once finished. It features multiples rows on the shoulders to create an elegant, twisting look, and a bezel style to really secure the center stone. The center diamond was actually removed from an old wedding set to be reused in this piece.    cad cam version of custom ring

Once the design was approved, our goldsmiths got to work on bringing the 2D model to life! The metal is a beautiful 14K yellow gold, and small diamonds line the rows around the bezel prong for a dazzling look. Here are some of the photos we got before the customer came in to try on the ring and give it the final approval!

side view of custom bezel ring

front view of custom bezel ring

No matter the custom job, we’re so grateful to our customers for trusting us to take their precious jewelry and turn it into something new. Instead of letting your old jewelry gather dust, we encourage you to look into a custom remodel. Stop by our Woodbury, MN showroom, and our in-house goldsmiths can answer your questions about a custom job and how to get started. Johnson Jewelers had been proudly serving the Twin Cities since 1976.