In this feature blog, we show exactly why custom jobs are an ideal way to pass on jewelry through the generations, even if they look a little different. This customer came to us with a beautiful diamond ring that she wanted to transform into two rings, one for each of her daughters. The ring below, in the middle, would be used to make the new jewelry. The gold would be melted down and reused, and the gems would be divided.

The customer worked directly with our goldsmiths to create the new design, and then we created a CAD/CAM model to create the perfect fit for the diamond. After that 3D model was approved, our goldsmiths moved on to the next step: bringing it to life. The rings then ended up like the photos below, ready to have the diamonds fitted.

While the CAD/CAM programs are a great way to better visualize the jewelry and create a perfect fit, there’s nothing like the touch of an expert goldsmith. We fit all of the gems, gave the rings some more TLC so they both shined, and then presented it to the customer.

The daughters were thrilled with the final product and could not wait to wear them. Now, the mother and her daughters would be connected in another way, and they would have a story to tell whenever anyone asked about the rings. Plus, the daughters can them pass on the ring or have it remodeled in the future for their descendants. We love doing these types of personal jobs because of how timeless they become!

If you have an old piece that needs a refresher or you want to allow a family member to remodel it, we would love to talk about our expert custom services. Johnson Jewelers specializes in custom jobs, and we have been serving the Twin Cities community for 44 years.